Preserve All The Precious Memories & Keep Track Of
Your Magical Nine Month Journey
'My Pregnancy Journal' is designed to be a perfect companion in your journey to motherhood. It contains a 'week by week' planned along with useful tips, information and places to cherish all the tiny baby memories.
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Every Future Mom Needs One!
It's filled with everything from the weekly diary, to saving ultrasounds and your belly progress pictures, to useful tips and advice... It has everything a future mom needs :)
  • Week by week diary where you can write about how your pregnancy week is going, keep track of doctors visits and appointments, and learn more about the week you're in and how your baby is progressing.
  • Guessing Games to play with your loved ones. Everyone can write down answers and guess stuff like the baby's gender, eye color, name. Once you find out, you can go back and see who had the closest guess.
  • Belly Progression is a great way to create memories of your pregnancy, and you can do that in 'My Pregnancy Journal' even better. Create photographs of your belly growing and add them to the belly progression pages so you can always look back and see how you were progressing every week.
  • ​​Photos are the best way to preserve memories. The journal has a lot of space for sticking photos of moments like: first ultrasound, baby's room, mom & dad, gender reveal, comming home, etc...
  • Useful advice and tips is something you will love because we only focused on giving real advice and pointing out the myths and providing you with facts.
  • ​... and there's so much more incredible details that we can't fit on this page.
Save these moments for ever!
Start creating memories of your journey to motherhood, it doesn't matter how far along you in your pregnancy... it's just important that you start and save as many moments as you can.
It's created to inspire and motivate any and all future mommas!

I know how magical this time of your life is, and I want to help you make it even better.

Every small piece of advice is important.

Every week you learn something new.

Every tiniest memory is worth saving.

And this journal can do all of that for you or your loved one (yes, it's also the perfect gift for a pregnant friend)
Don't miss out...
Your pregnancy is unique and worth remembering!
'My Pregnancy Journal' is available on this page only for JUST $54 $32!

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